Bayo y el Che. Ajedrez, Guerrilla y Revolución

1h 11m

Of General Bayo, modern Quixote, who only fears death who does not let him see his liberated homeland, I can say that he is my teacher (the only individualized one). Ernesto Ché Guevara Alberto Bayo Giraud, aviator, military man, legionary in the Moroccan War under the command of what would later become a staunch enemy, Lieutenant Colonel Franco, commander in charge of directing the unsuccessful republican invasion of Mallorca in the Civil War, military attaché professor of aeronautics in exile, master of guerrillas, writer, poet, passionate chess player. An exciting life linked to historical figures like Abdel-Krim el Jatabi, Ernesto Ché Guevara or Fidel and Raul Castro. Who was General Alberto Bayo? How did he become the military instructor for Fidel Castro's men in Mexico? How was his close friendship with Ché Guevara forged? This documentary tells the unknown story of a Spanish military man, staunch defender of guerrilla warfare, and his important role in the Cuban Revolution, providing the “bearded people” with the necessary knowledge to survive in the Sierra Maestra. Bayo and Ché. Guerrilla and Chess in the Cuban Revolution investigates the life of a unique character through the testimony of the people, still alive, who knew him, and the abundant documentation compiled during years of research.