AFLAM plus


1h 52m

Hoda is an orphan who lives with her uncle, Dr. Ibrahim, following her parents' death. Hoda is enjoying life's blessings and has a romantic relationship with Adel, but all her plans are dashed as she learns she has a brain tumor and she needs to have brain surgery.

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A Man in Our House

2h 29m

Ibrahim succeeds in assassinating the prime minister who cooperates with colonialism, he escapes after being arrested and takes refuge in the house of his university colleague, Mohi, who has no political activity, and the family reluctantly accepts having him.

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The Lovers' Struggle

2h 06m

Salma turns to her wealthy uncle Salim Al-Najawi to live with him after her father goes to prison for killing her mother. Salim mistreats Salma because of an old dispute between him and her father. His elder son Mohsen welcomes her and she shares the same feelings, while his younger brother Abbas covets Salma.

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Our Best Days

1h 49m

An impoverished girl lives on the roof. Three young men live close by and they fall in love with her. They also learn that she has developed an illness which requires surgery. The three men rush to help her and one is left wondering who will succeed in helping her and who will she fall in love with?

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