Actrices de culto

AFLAM plus

The Black Glasses

1h 49m

Aristocratic girl Maddy lives an aimless life, and because of her wealth, young men gather around her. She meets engineer Omar and sees in him a different type of person that interests her. While Omar finds that she's petty and seeks to give her hope in life.

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The Great Love

1h 55m

A poor girl lives with her father the photographer. She loves a famous singer who has many affairs. She rescues him from the husband of a woman he was with, and replaces herself in his hotel room, sacrificing her reputation for him. He starts to love her and she pretends to be a rich girl to impress him.

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Zizi's family

1h 41m

Zizi is a five-year-old girl whose family consists of Sabawi; an engineer who tries to invent a machine that transforms cotton into cloth, Sami ; a university student who falls for his neighbor, and Sanaa who dreams of becoming a movie star. Each of them tries to achieve what they want, which puts them in a series of comical paradoxes.

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You are my Life

1h 48m

Samir is a hardworking man and his beloved Elham wants to help him work in the land owned by her mother, which is managed by her stepfather. But Roshdy loves Elham also and wants to get Samir out ofof the way. He plans with his mistress to implicate the stepfather in a moral scandal and extort him.

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A House Lacking Tenderness

1h 26m

Fatma's controlling behavior is challenged by her elder son Essam who encourages his children to rebel against her. When Essam falls for his married neighbor, they agree to get married after she gets a divorce, but their love soon leads to tragedy.

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